Apple MacBook Pro vs Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 - Laptops

Name Apple MacBook Pro Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

Apple has tweaked its MacBook Pro to develop this model that stands out for its superior CPU performance. Despite, thermal limitations that become more pronounced over time, the CPU with its multicore capabilities delivers unmatched high-speed performance. The revised keyboard is also a plus in this model. Apart from the limited number of ports, which is a widely known problem, the only issue with the Macbook Pro is its price. However many Apple users will agree that the machine more than justifies it.

Microsoft’s Surface Laptops are one of a kind. The Surface Laptop 2 comes with a detachable screen that doubles up as a fully functional tablet. This model features improved versions of both the keyboard and the trackpad. The audio output from the speakers, placed on either side of the screen, is powerful, and this laptop has arguably the best webcam in the market. The battery life of the laptop is up to 10 hours, and on a single charge, the tablet lasts for up to 3 hours on average. Given the price, the only drawbacks with the Surface Laptop 2 are the lack of a digital pen, which can be bought for an additional $100, and a missing Thunderbolt 3 port. While more powerful options are available at the same price, none are as versatile as the Surface Laptop 2.

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