Apple MacBook Pro vs Dell XPS 13 9370 - Laptops

Name Dell XPS 13 9370 Apple MacBook Pro

Dell has steadily updated the XPS 13 to offer better and interesting models every year. The featured model finally has a web camera on top, and not at the bottom of the screen, which resulted in weird camera angles. The screen resolution has also been upgraded from 1080p to 4k, although the difference in sharpness is hard to notice on a 13-inch screen. Dell has added a few other interesting features in this model like thermal setting software for full fan control and a side button that shows battery life. The thin ultrabook has a solid keyboard and touchpad, and the outer shell boasts a matt finish. Chargeable with a USB type C charger, this laptop is not for those looking for robust USB ports. The upgrades nevertheless are great and the laptop still remains one of the best buys.

Apple has tweaked its MacBook Pro to develop this model that stands out for its superior CPU performance. Despite, thermal limitations that become more pronounced over time, the CPU with its multicore capabilities delivers unmatched high-speed performance. The revised keyboard is also a plus in this model. Apart from the limited number of ports, which is a widely known problem, the only issue with the Macbook Pro is its price. However many Apple users will agree that the machine more than justifies it.

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